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Three DancersCameroonONE is a Registered 501c3 Charity Organization that provides education and a home to orphaned children in Cameroon. We seek to keep families together by placing children in the households of surviving relatives, and seeing that they receive access to proper healthcare and other essential services. We value the benefits a child discovers from being raised among family members as well as attending school with their peers. By reassessing the methods in which parentless children are managed, our team employs innovative approaches to create positive change. We believe that this upbringing is fundamental to building productive community members.

“Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school house walls, which molds and develops men.” (W.E.B Du Bois).

CameroonONE News…

Some of our children in Belo going to secondary school for the first time this week and receiving supplies and uniforms for the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

Thanks to the 35 players who made Night Golf a huge success this year. It was a great time at the Millwood Country Club in Framingham, Massachusetts and proceeds will be going towards our students’ educations and health needs in Cameroon. Looking forward to seeing you all again next summer.

CameroonONE and Mankon children celebrating National Day.

National Day is observed in commemoration of the creation of the modern state of Cameroon- the unitary country of French Cameroun and the British Southern Cameroons, and the abolishment of federalism.

CameroonONE supporter, Kimberley Sullivan campaigned to raise the funding to sponsor 15 of our students by hiking to the summit of Mt. Washington. Kimberley wrote: As we reach another September, synchronous with "back-to-school" for our own children, I want us to ask ourselves how we might be able to change a child's life with a small donation. My goal is to complete a challenging hike up to the peak of Mt. Washington via Tuckerman's Ravine on October 5, 2013 to raise enough funds to help at least 15 children in Cameroon go "back-to-school" this year. This moving meditation aims to symbolize the uphill climb that we all face as human beings seeking to educate ourselves and each other. Life's gift is the opportunity to learn, grow and progress - and where we have the means and ability to help a child seize that opportunity, I believe that we have a responsibility to do so in whatever small capacity that we can.

Read more about her "Climb for CameroonONE" campaign here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/climb-for-cameroonone

Some of the children in Bamenda preparing to go back to school and receiving their uniforms and supplies.

Friends of CameroonONE gathered at the Millwood golf course in Framingham, Massachusetts for a round of Night Golf to fundraise for our children for the 2013 school year. Thanks again for everyone who showed up. It was a blast and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

CameroonONE donates a motorbike to our implementing partner, RUDEC. RUDEC Director Joshua Chiamba: Our hopes have finally come true, thanks to CameroonONE for donating this motorbike to us. Exam fees that used to take 3 days, we could do it one in one day. This one of the Orphans Elkana who is sick and we are taking him to the hospital.

Some photos of the children of the CameroonONE In-Home Sponsorship program celebrating the Christmas and Youth Day celebrations in Bamenda.

Some of the children of our new In-Home Sponsorship program accepting their school supplies, uniforms, and new shoes from our volunteers and school staff! This project places orphaned children in the households of surviving family members and funds their educations. But also, it helps support the caretakers with material necessities and an annual stipend that is conditional upon evaluations that see that the child is attending school, has received immunizations, does not work the mines, and so forth. We would like to thank everybody who has been involved in whatever capacity. Please continue your support as we will be expanding this program yearly as well as seeing our children into adulthood to ensure that they have career and academic advancement opportunities. Again, thank you.

CameroonONE led the panel “Sustainable Development: A Citizen’s Approach” at the Cameroonian Professional Society’s 2012 Congress this July in Baltimore. The panelists discussed this school year’s launch of the CameroonONE In-Home Sponsorship pilot program, a project that places orphaned children in the households of surviving family members, funds their educations and healthcare, and provided material goods and a stipend to the caretakers.

The entire discussion aired live at congress.cpsociety.org on Friday 27 July from 2:30 (US EST), on Africa24 TV throughout Africa, and on Dish Network in the US.

This March, B.Fetching, a Styling Company, threw a cocktail party in honor of CameroonONE as part of a series of fundraising events for Àwásòm Day. The evening was a huge success and we thank everyone who participated and came out for a fun night. Thanks again to B.Fetching.

CameroonONE was in Douala, Bamenda, and Belo to initiate the preliminary stages of our In-Home Sponsorship Program. The In Home Program was designed to take kids out of the orphanages and place them in the homes of the surviving members of their families. It is loosely based off of the Brazilian government's Bolsa Familia program that provides monthly funds to families so long as their children are attending school and are receiving their immunization shots. This technique has proven successful and is emulated by competent governments worldwide. There is a need to address the orphan situation through a different approach than other organizations in the region. The solution is not simply to confine these children to the peripheries of society and conceal them in a compound in the corners of the community. The methods presently designed to deal with orphans and their families need to be reassessed. Relatives taking on the parental responsibilities of a young niece or nephew could do so on a conditional basis within an existing household. These homes would receive a per annum or quarterly, circumstantially determined stipend with full understanding that it will be conditional and made available only as certain requirements of the child's rearing are met. These stipulations include that the child attend a decent school and maintain certain expectations in their evaluations, and that he or she is fully vaccinated and receives whatever healthcare that may be specific to their personal needs.

With Hurricane Irene at their heels, CameroonONE members braved the weather at the Easton Country Club to compete in this year’s CameroonONE Charity Golf Tournament. We thank the sponsors of this event for making the day such a success and congratulate first place team Mike Fontaine, Danny Martins, Justin Bartha, and David Shnitzer.

CameroonONE was featured in the 2011 Spring Issue of the Suffolk Alumni Magazine. Read the full article by Michael Blanding here: CameroonONE Suffolk Alumni Magazine 2011

CameroonONE welcomes you to participate in our organization’s first Best Ball/Scramble Golf Tournament to benefit the children of our Sponsorship Program. We greatly appreciate those of you who have participated in our previous events and look forward to seeing our members again this August 2011. The CameroonONE 2011 Golf Tournament is your chance to spend a fun day on the course, enjoy great food and raffle prizes, provide great exposure for your place of business, and all while contributing to a great cause. Please take a moment and consider our sponsorship levels. This year’s event will be held at THE EASTON COUNTRY CLUB on Saturday, AUGUST 27, 2011. Advance registration is greatly appreciated.

Details can be found here on our Tournament Flyer and Registration Form:

CameroonONE and her partners at Youth Action Africa were interviewed by Mahdi Omar of the African Television Network of New England (ATNNE). The panel consisted of Roland Fomundam of YAA, plus Shaun Bamforth and Todd Finklestone from CameroonONE. The group discussed their collaborative project of In-Home Child Sponsorships that are designed to support the surviving relatives of orphaned children in areas where the “foster system” is inexistent. Our team has endeavored to expand on its pre-existing Sponsorship Programs by establishing the first continental In-Home Child Sponsorships. Our goal is to keep families together while freeing up the orphan communes for only the direst of situations. Relatives taking on the parental responsibilities of a niece, nephew, or young cousin will do so on a conditional basis. These homes will receive a per annum, circumstantially determined stipend with full understanding that it will be conditional and made available only as certain requirements of the child’s rearing are met. These stipulations include that the child attend a decent school and maintain certain expectations in their evaluations, and that he or she is fully vaccinated and receives whatever healthcare that may be specific to their personal needs.

ATNNE'S SHOW from Mahdi Omar.

CameroonONE members congregated at The Stadium Sports Bar & Grill in South Boston for the first CameroonONE Charity Car Smash. The Smash was held in the parking lot and coincided with Stadium’s “Meet Your Future Ex” Anti-Valentine’s Day Party. Participators helped CameroonONE destroy a used Subaru to raise money for our current projects; each donator received two swings with the sledgehammer for their contribution. Immediately following the Smash, the band Cherrie Bomb performed for the attendees. This event was hosted by Bacardi Rum.

CameroonONE held its first annual Supply Drive during Thanksgiving weekend. Donations accepted included books, school and medical supplies, clothing and bedding. All donations will be received in Cameroon by local volunteers to ensure they go to the schools, hospitals, libraries and families that need them most. Your donated materials will travel from New England to Dallas, from Dallas to the coast, and then across the Atlantic to the Port of Douala to be received by CameroonONE partners for distribution. The overwhelming amount of gathered items consisted of surgical gloves and sheets, books, children’s schoolbags, toys and clothing. Thanks to everyone for your participation! CameroonONE will now be organizing year-round shipments from the States to Cameroon.

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These are a few of the primary school students that CameroonONE is currently sponsoring in Bamenda and Buea. Many rural Cameroonian areas suffer from a large number of orphaned children whose parents have died prematurely due to illnesses such as malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS. These children are cared for by relatives, who often cannot afford to meet their educational and health care needs. As their guardians are often elderly grandparents, surviving by subsistence farming, the costs of attending school are rarely achievable. The CameroonONE students are the products of this situation. CameroonONE is currently providing health support such as medical check-ups and HIV tests and educational support in terms of school fees, textbooks, and school uniforms to these children as part of the Orphan Health and Education Program. Our children are offered a child-centered approach to education as opposed to the memorization and repetition techniques often practiced by the overcrowded government-run schools. Class sizes are small, corporal punishment is forbidden, and teachers provide individual attention. As a result of this approach, CameroonONE students are able to learn more advanced material than their peers in the public system. Our students have been placed in a sponsor home, and their tuition fees, uniforms, textbooks, supplies, school lunches, and transportation have been financed by CameroonONE members.

For more information about CameroonONE children and the Orphan Immunization Program,
see the October RUDEC newsletter. CameroonONE is thanked on Page 2:

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CameroonONE friends, families, and supporters came out to Charlestown, Massachusetts on 13 August 2010 to preview the CameroonONE Website and celebrate the friends and family kickoff event. The evening was a success and thanks to the generosity of its attendees, we raised enough funding to begin financing the educations and living expenses of parentless children in NWP and SWP, Cameroon. Our guests were able to view Nicolas Angwafo directed CameroonONE Awareness Videos, navigate through the Website, and bid on auction items from Cameroonian traditional paraphernalia, tickets to local sporting events, and all day boating trips. We thank representatives from the Boston Pan-African Forum for attending, and especially to Dr. Willard Johnson, author of The Cameroon Federation (an extension of his dissertation "Cameroon Reunification: The Political Union of Several Africas") and co-author of West African Governments and Volunteer Development Organizations: Priorities for Partnership, for taking the time to show support and attend our Website screening. Thank you all again for your support and encouragement.