Sustainability Projects.


Bee Farming

Our operations team in Belo have begun a bee-farming project with the goal of generating a sustainable income for our orphan program by selling honey and bee-wax and investing in education. The project has also improved rural economics by increasing crop yields for farmers and creating jobs for the community. Through fundraising campaigns in 2015 we were able to obtain suitable land and to purchase our initial hives. Our beekeeper, Joshua, is looking to have a farm of 800 hives over the coming years; we will be reinvesting honey sales into the purchase of new hives so it is critical to have many colonized in the early years in order for the farm to reach capacity and begin producing income that will allow us to best serve the students already in our programs, as well as to begin providing for those we cannot yet support. In addition, we are committed to practicing ethical bee-farming techniques and to do our part to help reverse the decline of global bee populations.

The Sustainability Pillars that we have identified as a product of our bee projects are:


Community Driven Development- Transfer of resources to local community, and      through the help of local organizations. 

Community-Minded Beekeeping- Empower local individuals in the beekeeping business.

Orphanage Pressure Alleviation- Mitigate pressure on orphanages by placing children in the homes of relatives and training them in the beekeeping discipline.

Youth Development- Support education and health needs through industry.

Sustainable Income- Beekeeping initiatives to fund youth development needs.