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CameroonONE founders were interviewed by Mahdi Omar of the African Television Network of New England (ATNNE). The group discussed their new project, the In-Home Child Sponsorships, that are designed to support the surviving relatives of orphaned children in areas where the “foster system” is inexistent. Our team has endeavored to expand on its pre-existing Sponsorship Programs by establishing the first In-Home Child Sponsorships with the goal of keeping families together while freeing up the orphan communes for only the direst of situations. Relatives taking on the parental responsibilities of a niece, nephew, or young cousin will do so on a conditional basis. These homes will receive a per annum, circumstantially determined stipend with full understanding that it will be conditional and made available only as certain requirements of the child’s rearing are met. These stipulations include that the child attend a decent school and maintain certain expectations in their evaluations, and that he or she is fully vaccinated and receives whatever healthcare that may be specific to their personal needs.

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