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Hi! I am so glad this auction page reached you. My name is Caroline Brady and I am an intern for ONETrack International, an incredible nonprofit working to reform global orphan care. We believe in a world where children are able to grow up in a supportive family unit with access to proper healthcare and education.

Unfortunately, there are currently over 150 million children across the globe that have been orphaned as a result of devastating circumstances. These children are placed in overcrowded and underfunded orphanages, when for many, there is a better solution. ONETrack International works to place orphaned children with family members in their villages of birth, in cases where there are surviving relatives. Proper management of the Global Orphan Crisis means that not only do the lives of orphaned children improve since they are given a safe family home, healthcare, and education, but it also lessens the strain on orphanages and helps them better support the children in their care. ONETrack also ensures caretaker support so families are able to provide a safe and stable home for the children.

The incredible work that ONETrack International does could not happen without the help of generous donors who fund our various projects. For example, we provide funding for schools in the communities we serve, making it possible for faculty to help children reach their educational goals. This breaks down barriers to education, helping children escape a cycle of poverty and create a bright future for themselves. Global health initiatives promote proper nutrition, regular exercise, and necessary vaccinations to prevent disease outbreaks.

All in all, we are advocates for the parentless and vulnerable children around the globe who deserve to be raised by surviving family members whenever possible, and we would love for you to join us. Your support can transform the lives of children in countries such as Cambodia, Cameroon, Colombia, Liberia, and Zimbabwe.

The proceeds from this auction will go directly towards the children we serve to provide them with textbooks and uniforms, household necessities for the host families, school fees, and healthcare.

If you would like to support ONETrack, but choose not to participate in this auction, please consider visiting this online campaign to donate what you are able. We greatly appreciate your support!


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